Honey Suckle - Jasmine - White Peach

Against all odds, Progeny Farm defied expectations, cultivating a remarkable coffee in an unlikely terrain. 

We’re back with our second harvest of this pink bourbon grown at the Progeny Farm in Tebaida, Colombia. Through meticulous post-harvest processes, we birthed a coffee that's enchanting, sweet, and vibrant. Peach fruit flavors dominate, accompanied by the indulgent embrace of caramel and a touch of blossom honey that harmonizes beautifully. The texture of this coffee is a gentle roundness that cradles every sip, preserving delicate notes while adding a touch of silky elegance.

Ambicion is more than a good cup of coffee; it's an afternoon reverie, a tranquil escape that's as soothing as it is exhilarating. For those seeking a mellowness that still tingles with excitement, look no further. Progeny Farm's creation is the elixir of our defiance, a testament that audacious dreams are the ones worth savoring.


Hola, I'm

Ana Maria Mejia

The work of the coffee farmer is not easy, but it is done with great love and passion.

My father had a coffee plantation, and thanks to this, we grew up in the coffee world. Over time, due to the arrival of coffee leaf rust and the coffee berry borer, those crops were replaced by others. After my father's death about 4 years ago, we received the land that corresponds to us as an inheritance, lands with which we had to start from scratch.

By that time, my daughter Maria Jose was already into the whole coffee topic, and she and my Daniel suggested that we plant coffee. So, we brought some seeds from Huila, a hybrid between Castillo and Pink Bourbon, and this was our first planting. It has not been easy; we have been learning in the process. It is a family business; my son Daniel is my support and advisor in everything related to fermentation. We strive to do clean work, recover the soils, care for nature, and always plant trees, and we have grown and advanced a lot in everything we have wanted to achieve.

In the beginning, we were told that the area was marginal and therefore not suitable for coffee, but we set out to plant more trees to bring shade, attract birds again, and make every process as environmentally friendly as possible.

The work of the coffee farmer is not easy, but it is done with great love and passion. That is what coffee means to me; I never imagined that at my age, I could reinvent myself and move forward with such a wonderful project, accompanied by my children.

Thank you for your support.