Working with Micro-organisms to give back to the land.

One of the more substantial problems we’ve encountered on the farms, especially the Progeny farm, is the over-stressing of the land. 

What is a Coffee Score?

We source coffee from small farms better known as micro-lots and we only purchase specialty grade coffees.

Should you add milk to your coffee?

This is a question we get all the time when out in the field conducting demos or during coffee service.

How do we guarantee full traceability and quality?

Most people don’t know where their coffee comes from. Too many, it's not even a second thought. 

How Does Humidity Impact Coffee?

Humidity is one of the biggest variables in the processing and storing of coffee beans.

What Brew Method is Right for me?

We’ve all heard that this particular brew method or that certain brew method makes the best cup of coffee but the coffee flavor is subjective to who’s consuming it. 

What does it mean when beans appear oily or wet?

When you open up a bag of coffee? Pick up a small handful of beans. Are they glossy or matte in appearance?

Coffee Processing Methods in Colombia.

The quality of specialty coffee you are purchasing from Progeny goes through several different processes depending on what it requires to bring out the best flav

What are coffee flavor notes?

We get asked all the time about how we come up with the tasting or flavor notes that go on our retail bags. First off we do not flavor our coffee beans. 
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