How do we guarantee full traceability and quality?

How do we guarantee full traceability and quality?

Most people don’t know where their coffee comes from. Too many, it's not even a second thought. 

Most people don’t know where their coffee comes from. Too many, it's not even a second thought.  For us at Progeny, origin, is of enormous importance. One of our missions is to ensure that our coffee growers are receiving the recognition they deserve for producing excellent quality coffee.

We are involved in all links of the supply chain, so that we can freely and undoubtedly speak on the traceability of our products.

Our hands-on and comprehensive quality assurance processes are initiated with samples of the current harvest from each of our coffee growers, being submitted to our laboratories for quality assessment. At this point, we can offer feedback on possible  required changes in the growing and harvesting process to improve coffee quality. In the following phase we finish running the pertinent  quality tests to assure the coffees meet our established standards. Once this is done the coffees then get sent to our milling warehouse. Milling is a rigorous and long process during which the outer shell of parchment is removed from the bean. Extreme care must be taken during this process, because the heat that is generated  from it can unfavorably impact the quality of the cup. The coffee is separated by color, aroma, and defects; in accordance with our quality standards. Ultimately the coffee is packed in special bags and divided by micro lots to control any possible contamination. This process applies to every one of our farmers and coffees. We make frequent visits to our farmers to check in on progress and often take audio visual content. We love to show the hard work that our coffee farmers do on their farms. Each grain is picked and selected by hand. It is an artisanal process where the smallest error can impact the quality.

Once our batches are complete and ready, we manage the coffee getting loaded into containers and prepped for shipping to San Francisco in the U.S. The entire process can take as long as one month depending on the quantities. Upon arrival in the U.S. our coffee gets shipped to our distribution warehouse, where it is housed until it's time for roasting. Thus we are able to provide fresh cups of the highest quality coffee, with the security of knowing that all our filters have been met. From the coffee tree straight through to the cup you’re drinking, the story of our coffee farmers always shines first and foremost.

The whole process from the time the coffee fruit is collected till the coffee reaches your cup; runs to approximately three months! We invite you to enjoy every drop of that cup that was specially prepared for you. It’s not just a cup of coffee, it’s all that comes before it.