Working with Micro-organisms to give back to the land.

Working with Micro-organisms to give back to the land.

Healthy Land = Extraordinary Coffee

One of the more substantial problems we’ve encountered on the farms, especially the Progeny farm, is the over-stressing of the land. The countless years of growing and harvesting, with the use of heavy machinery and chemicals; has killed the micro-organisms in the soil. Micro-organisms are responsible for breaking down the organic matter and nutrients in the soil, which is vital to the health of the land. Their function of breaking down nutrients and rendering them more efficient to absorb for both soil and plants; is life-giving and fundamental.
Without them, we cannot assure that the must-have nutrients and fertilizers are being absorbed.

We got to searching for solutions to this problem, and we arrived at a new home experiment which is having tremendous results. There are fertilizer companies that sell micro-organisms, but they are exorbitantly priced. Our method is low-cost and uncomplicated. On the farm, we’re growing micro-organisms by putting our soil in contact with mesh and rice. After 15 days the micro-organisms begin to emerge as fungi, which are either harvested and planted across the fields, or watered right there in the crop; they have amazing propagation! With this process, we’re helping to solve a damaged environmental reality that we created; and at a low-cost!

All of this in order to restore the land; always seeking the best quality for our farmers and clients.

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