Plum - Chocolate - Citrus

From Colombia's Tebaida region emerges Copo, a testament to perseverance and passion from Progeny Coffee Farm. Managed by Daniel Palacio, this farm defied naysayers to produce specialty coffee in a supposedly unsuitable environment.

Copo, a radiant honey-processed pink bourbon variety coffee, encapsulates this journey. Its bright and balanced profile is a tribute to Daniel's dedication. With every sip, you're enveloped in a velvety, honey-fruited experience that gives way to a burst of stone fruit notes in the finish.

In the final cup, this coffee's complexity shines through as flavors of plum, black currant, and chocolate mingle harmoniously, complemented by a hint of orange citrus.

Copo isn't just a coffee; it's a testament to resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.


Hola, I'm

Daniel Palacio Mejia

Thanks to God, I have the opportunity to work in what I love alongside my family.

I am passionate about the farm. Thanks to God, I have the opportunity to work in what I love alongside my family. Together, we have advanced a farm that we tend to with much love, and everything we have achieved has been through trial and error. We are in an area where we’ve been told that the land was not viable for specialty coffee cultivation. However, it has become a personal challenge to prove that with low costs, a lot of dedication, and after many trials, we can produce high-quality coffee with excellent taste.

On the farm, we developed a system to save water, focusing on the environmental impact. That's why the process we handle there is a honey. Precisely in this area where the farm is located, they took away resources for rainwater collection "because it's a marginal height for the cultivation of special coffees," they said. Despite all this, we started by planting a Hybrid Pink Bourbon. Cultivated from the seed, we did everything to make the tree adapt to that altitude and temperature. We present this coffee that has a double fermentation, and we do a double honey process to enhance the flavor and quality, always focusing on environmental care.

Like everything, we've made mistakes, done many trials, and dedicated a lot of time. But in the end, we have been able to produce a product with a lot of love and numerous techniques. It's been a wonderful learning experience.

My passion for what I do, I believe, can be seen reflected in this coffee that you are going to drink. Along with the company Progeny, which I'm a part of in their team, we push forward with great dedication and effort to learn more every day and to bring you better coffee each time.

Thank you for your support.