Red Bourbon


Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez

Laderas del Tapias

If you are looking for a perfectly soft, with sweet notes of sugar cane and caramel, but at the same time a hint of floral notes, then El Pensador is your perfect coffee. We love this micro-lot for their balanced and yet the depth of the notes.

El Pensador is a single-origin micro-lot from Tapias, located in Neira municipality within the region known as the Tapias canyon, Caldas, Colombia. This region is part of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape.

The farm has a long tradition of coffee production, currently the farm is owned by the fourth generation of coffee growers.

The Laderas del Tapias’ history is closely related to the production of specialty coffee. The farm was purchased and the land conditioned by pioneers of specialty coffee in Colombia during the decade of the 1980’s. In order to process the coffee, they built a “ beneficiadero” which still serves as the processing facility for the farm’s production.

The main house of the farm was built by the beginning of the 1900’s. When the current owners purchased the farm, the house had already deteriorated badly. The house was restored in the 1980’s using traditional materials and the house still stands as a source of architectural pride for the entire region.


Neira is a small and tranquil town with traditional architecture known as “La colonización Antioqueña”, named for the migration from the neighboring Antioquia department.

The current population of the municipality, including the surrounding rural areas is around 30,000. The town is located at 1970 MASL and the average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius year round. The town is 21 km away from Manizales, the capital city of the department of Caldas. The road that connects the two is considered a secondary road though it is in good condition.

Coffee growing is the most important economic activity in the region and provides income for the majority of the population of the municipality.

Raising cattle is very important too, especially in the low and hot lands. Neira is part of the Coffee Landscape World.

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