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The “Same Coffee, Two Roast” combo pack consists of one coffee from a single farmer roasted in two different ways. This combo pack will definitely give you an idea of what the same coffee taste like when it’s roasted for a specific brew method- à la drip or espresso.

William Becerra has been a long-standing partner of ours and we’re happy to feature his coffee in the “Same Coffee, Two Roast” combo pack series. First up we have “Camino” which is a coffee that has a very distinctive hint of mellow citrus sparkle, a balanced body packed with the sweetness of brown sugar and cocoa. Camino is a great crowd-pleaser and our preferred way to brew this coffee is with a Chemex. Next up is “Alegria”, with Alegria we focused on bringing out big chocolate flavors and the sweetness of caramel without taking away the complexity of this great coffee. Alegria is a great fully developed traditional specialty coffee that is great for espresso and our recommended drip offering for those who enjoy a more developed roast profile.

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