La Esposa
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Pilar Jaramillo

La Graciela

We had the opportunity to develop our decaf with Pilar. We decided to run a Single Origin, through a sugar cane Decaf process. Being a bold move, but wanting to break the mold of what a Decaf is, we were able to accomplish with the outstanding coffee that Pilar’s farm has to offer. When you take the first sip of her decaf, your mouth gets impregnated with sugar cane notes, and you wonder, how could this be a Decaf?

Not only her coffee breaks the mold, but also her as a woman in coffee culture. Her sweetness, but yet determination is reflected in the notes of her cup. She and her husband have been determined along with Progeny to create a change in our community. Once you are standing at her farm, where you can only see the tips of the Andes Mountian, there is the sense that everything is possible.

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We are proud of our Decaf development with Pilar, and we hope you enjoy this cup of coffee at any time of the day!

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