El Valiente
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Luis Ignacio Mejia

Rancho Grande la Francia

El Valiente is one of our favorites coffees so far, and we feel so honored to carry this coffee, as it was grown by Luis Ignacio Mejia an 80 year old. He owns a 2 hectares farm, and he does it all himself. Coffee is his passion and his art. Definitely, at the first seep, you can experience all his hard work. El Valiente is an incredibly soft, but bright coffee. It makes you feel like you are drinking an aromatic Tea with notes of Jasmine, Tangerine, and Honey. If you ever wonder what coffee notes are, you would not miss them with this coffee. It’s one of a kind.

We sent El Valiente to KC Coffee Geek and this is how he described it: “This lot from Luis is a Typica variety that scored 88 (a very good coffee… many of the 90+’s you see around are often inflated ratings) and was grown around 1900masl. Progeny gives us tasting notes of, “floral, jasmine, honey, citric, tangerine.” This coffee has a light to medium roast that I think accentuates it very nicely. Always a tricky thing with such a small lot of coffee! I used my standard pourover setup of a 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral Gino dripper. Handground grinder was set to 3 and I used Third Wave Water. This one extracts pretty fast so you may want to use a slightly finer grind setting than usual.

There is a rather floral aroma from this cup that I don’t often get from Colombian coffees. On my palate, this coffee screams “light and bright!” It’s a super-clean coffee with an almost green tea vibe about it, but it’s still sweet and fruity, too. I consider this to be a light-bodied cup and lots of citrus notes hit my tongue right at the beginning of the sip. The citrus acidity is bright but is accompanied by a nice honey-like sweetness that holds it down and balances it. The citrus notes definitely lean toward the tangerine, clementine, “Cuties” and “Halos” (how many more names can we come up with for the same fruits! LOL) type of citrus fruits. The sweetness in the cup is light, but offers some balance and keeps any sharp edges off all that bright citrus acidity. It’s almost like a tangerine juice cut with some water. The florals from the aroma do make a reprise in the flavors of this coffee, too, adding some complexity and interest into the second half of the sip.

This is such a light coffee in body but it has some beautiful, deep flavors. This is all about highlighting that phenomenal citrus in the cup while maintaining a balanced approach. If you like airy, light, citrus-forward coffees then this one is for you. If you’re looking for a dark, brooding, roasty Colombian coffee you won’t find any of that here. I absolutely love bright Colombian coffees like this one and the fact that it has a cool story behind it makes it all that much better!”

Read full article http://www.kccoffeegeek.com/progeny-coffee-farmers-colombia-el-valiente/

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