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  • Sustainability, a chain of courage

    Sustainability are social, economic, and environmental processes that are looking for a common ideal. It is the relationship of mankind with its environment to achieve an equilibrium, that will satisfy the needs of current generations, without sacrificing their future capacity to promote economic progress and the protection and respect of ecosystems. The structure of the …

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  • Letter from a farmer to the farmers

    I have always worried about being consistent with what I think, say, in my case, write and do. For this reason, I take the audacity, with criticism and proposals, to challenge existing models which are seen by the different things I try to do. Due to this, I want to share some of my experience …

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  • Are Direct Trade and Fair Trade really fair?

    Expressions Often fair trade (Fair Trade) and direct trade (Direct Trade) are used interchangeably and think that it is like. There are aspects that apply to both groups. To promote environmental protection, labor, economic and social sustainability for workers and prices that should exceed production costs. The "Fair Trade" is based on a democratic structure; [...] More  →
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